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3 Easy Ways to get a better CTR From Facebook

So, if you’re using Facebook to try and drive traffic to your website you might have heard of the term CTR before.

CTR or Click Through Rate, refers to what percentage of those that see your link actually click through and go to your website.

I’m sure you can see why you’d want to increase your CTR, it will make your posts more effective at driving traffic and can increase your revenue.

There are some general ways to improve your CTR that we will go through today, but often it can come down to your specific niche.

The audience you are targeting will dictate what methods are best. For example; tech lovers are probably less likely to fall for a clickbait title than first time mothers are.

It’s important that you analyze your audience like a true marketer and have an idea of what they will respond well to.

1. As I briefly mentioned before, one great method that brands like BuzzFeed are notorious for using is click bait titles.

These are titles which are specifically used to entice people to click through and go to your website. Often these are exaggerated titles and sometimes downright lies.

Marketers have been improving their technique and found that lying to your audience doesn’t work very well! It’s better to exaggerate a point in your story, or link it to a popular event or person.

2. Our second factor has been proven to be the most crucial when it comes to improving your CTR.

That would be the image you use.

So if you’re not spending a decent amount of time looking for or creating the perfect image then you’re probably missing out on potential visitors.

The saying ‘sex sells’ is still true, with studies showing that pictures with cleavage increased CTR, despite the topic clearly being nothing to do with sex.

3. Lastly it’s important that the website that you’re linking to is something that Facebook users would want to read in their current mindset.

You’re probably less likely to get a good CTR promoting a boring study about particle physics, but you might get a better CTR talking about 5 interesting facts about particles that affect our everyday lives.

It’s all about creating content that people can consume easily, want to share with their friends and can enjoy.

Top 10 lists are so popular with content networks because of this and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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