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6 Tips For Creating an incredible Facebook post

Creating the perfect Facebook post is an art, one that many of the most popular pages have mastered.

This allows them to increase their likes, shares and click through rate.

There are a few different factors that go into creating the perfect post and most of them are simple in principle, but need to be adapted to your specific niche to become powerful.

1. Short and concise.

While in advertising and sales copy we generally are told that the long copy often sells better, because you are able to sell the reader more, the opposite is true on social media.

When you are browsing Facebook your attention span is limited, you are looking for something to entertain you and then you’re on to the next thing. Keep your posts short and pack the information into less than 160 characters.

2. Create a clear and unavoidable call to action.

Tell your audience what to do. Read on, click here, sign up, like this, share this!

3. Value.

This doesn’t mean that your post has to teach your readers anything, it simply means that your post needs to fill a need.

This need might be a need to know about the latest technology or it might be a need to be entertained. Find out what problems your audience has and appeal to them.

4. Videos perform better on Facebook than images.

In fact, some studies suggest that images perform the worst of all media types on Facebook.

With Facebook fighting YouTube for control of the video market, we see that Facebook is promoting videos to the top of the newsfeed. Take advantage of this and post more videos. Now!

5. Have a real conversation and ask your readers’ questions.

This is not only great for making your brand seem more customer facing, but also for increasing the amount of comments your posts receive.

Trust me when I say that the amount of comments on a post is a ranking signal that Facebook uses to decide how high up the newsfeed the post should be.

6. Be quick.

The early bird catches the worm and all that.

If you are the first one to break popular news, or to talk about a new subject then you’re likely to receive a much better response than if you are the thousandth person. Keep your finger on the button and get to the story first.

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