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What kind of content does well on Facebook ?

The best way to go about answering this question is to firstly take a look at your competitors and see what tactics they have used and how well they have performed.

Secondly, examine your audience and niche in depth and have a think about what kind of content they would respond well to.

It’s unlikely that first time mothers will have the same content preferences as those who play the latest video games.

First time mothers are probably looking for content which is either educational and contains a lot of information, whereas gamer likely have a shorter attention span and may respond better to videos as this is the format they are associated with.

There is unlikely to be ‘one best’ type of content, but instead content that is better for each individual niche.

However, there are a few different types of content that generally have a higher click through rate and share rate.

This is content that appeals to the current mindset of those on Facebook – a need for short and entertaining content, before they go back to Facebook.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the famous top 10 lists and click bait articles.

These are great for driving traffic from Facebook because they perfectly address the current mindset of Facebook users.

Since they are in a list format with images or gifs they are easy to consume and aren’t hard to understand. Secondly, these are often meant to be funny or entertaining with the site owner generating income from CPC or CPM adverts in the posts.
These lists are generally on external websites and are very effective at driving traffic.

However, they are less effective at driving traffic to a Facebook fan page.

If you have a fan page and you’re trying to get more likes on the page then you should try and share images and videos. Generally, videos perform the best in terms of share-ability and likelihood of going viral, with images in second and text last.

Even if you don’t have any funny videos of your own you may be able to simply find a video that is doing well on Tumblr or YouTube and share it on Facebook instead.

While these methods can be used for driving traffic, it’s often better to make sure that the traffic you are sending is targeted, especially if you aim to make money from product sales.

To make the traffic more targeted you should try and share to relevant pages in your niche and make sure that the content is related to your products.

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